Dagny McKinley | Reading to Dogs
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Reading to Dogs

Reading books to your children and your dog is a great way to promote a nurturing relationship between your pets and your children. As your children grow up, encourage them to read to dogs on their own to promote a love of reading.


  • Create a comfortable space for your children and dogs

    • Spread a blanket on the ground under a shady tree

    • Make room for your dog on your child’s bed at night so you can read them both a bedtime story.

  • Make sure your dog is comfortable with the space. If your dog appears nervous or uncomfortable don’t force him/her.

  • Encourage participation in reading from your child and ask your dog what he/she thinks along the way, or what your child thinks your dog thinks of the book.

  • Encourage your children to gently pet your dog or snuggle your dog while the book is being read (but ONLY if your dog is comfortable with this.)